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It is natural - quite simply human - to sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. Then you realise there is forward motion, but are unsure as to where you're going or whether this is in fact the path you want to follow.


We all experience moments of doubt that make life difficult. More and more, we put ourselves under greater pressures: we want to have everything, do more, appear successful in areas of life we consider important by, for example, having a great job, a satisfying love relationship, financial security - in short, an "Ideal Life".


Is this the way to live?
By examining your beliefs, you will answer this question for yourself, I do not pretend to hold the "right answer". But coaching will help you refocus on what is important to you.



Coaching will help you clarify what you really want out of life. It is about self-development, inward listening to gain a clear vision of the person you actually want to be.


This understanding will put you in the position to make decisions that allow you to progress along your life path – certain that you are moving in the "right" direction because this is the direction you have chosen.


Following this realisation, the decisions guiding your actions will lead you to happiness and fulfilment both in your personal and/or love life, in your career, your health ...


Allow me to be the coach who reminds you that you have the capacity to change your path at any given moment and that every morning can be the promise of a new beginning.

« How are you ? »


We answer this question every day, often mechanically:


"Fine thanks!" we reply, even when it isn't true...


There are a number of reasons we feel less than fine:


- We may feel stuck, trapped in a situation that no longer satisfies us. We may want change without knowing where to begin.


- We have trouble reconciling how to live harmoniously with others while still fulfilling our personal desires.


- We may be going through a difficult time, filled with uncertainty: perhaps due to a change of career, a breakup, a fear of failure...

"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: 
Decide what you want." 

Ben Stein

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