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"I just wanted to let you know how useful our coaching sessions are to me. I started our conversations on one specific issue around 'letting go' that has progressed to opening up other areas in how I 'let go' in my life generally.  Your insightful questions, your direct and practical approach have guided me to be working and DOING something about the route causes and not the symptoms. Thank you!" 

Alex, United Kingdom

"Cindy is a great executive coach, she is able to bring a great balance between helping executives set and execute goals for their career whilst paying attention to those meaningful areas in life that can get neglected." 

Julian, United Kingdom

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Cindy in autumn 2012. I really appreciated our sessions. Cindy has gentleness and a way of making people feel comfortable which is lovely. I found her to be very intuitive, with an uncanny ability to see what is not being said.  I would definitely work with her again" 

Agnes, United Kingdom

"You established trust and intimacy by your manner, your open expression and the way you listen: I felt listened to and supported, I didn't feel you were judging me; I felt you understood. You also challenged me sensitively by pointing out how what I said on one hand contradicted what I said on the other hand and I had enough time to think as you paused after your questions. The fact that I was comfortable to talk about my ***** with you is a huge compliment to you, as I do not talk to many people about her." 

Jo, United Kingdom

"Cindy is a talented coach and I value my sessions with her. She gives me support and space to explore issues in depth, and provides helpful challenge that enables me to check that my goals and plans are both realistic and aligned with my values. Cindy has helped me achieve a new clarity about my goals and a set of achievable yet ambitious set of actions that will help me get there. Thank you Cindy!" 

Tom, United Kingdom

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