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You don't have to be "feeling bad" to see a coach.


Different than psychology or therapy, coaching is about better understanding new situations and re-establishing balance. It gives you the tools you need to understand your story, recognize and work on potential weaknesses, and, more importantly, maximize your strengths in order to exploit your full potential. Rather than being based on your past, coaching develops plans for the future by making the best analysis of present needs. With coaching we are well, but want to be even better.


Coaching is a courageous act because it implies having first recognised that you are dissatisfied with your current situation. It also implies a willingness to take the risks needed to remedy this dissatisfaction and make the necessary changes that will generate the desired results, allowing you to achieve that satisfying sense of accomplishment experienced when you are in control of your life.


Coaching can be helpful when you feel you've reached your limits without yet having achieved your goals. It is suitable for everyone who wants to be a self-determining actor in his or her life. Engaging with a neutral and objective coach allows you take a step back from your situation. It offers support and encouragement, allowing you to formulate strategies that help move you forward.


In your role as client, you undertake a genuine commitment to changing your life for the best.


Coaching helps different types of people facing different types of situation:

Self-determining women or men who wish to:


  • Improve professional/personal relationships


  • Deal with and reduce stress/anxiety


  • Take care of themselves, their body


  • Improve self-confidence


  • Learn how to respond during times of change


  • Confront or make a career change


  • Overcome bad habits (alcohol or drugs, weight gain/loss, phobia, addiction)

Leaders/managers who want to:


  • Improve their communication skills and improve team outcomes


  • Better manage conflict


  • Speak in public


  • Generate better results for their company


  • Find and seize good opportunities


  • Balance work and family life



The youngers:


Coaching is also suitable for young people as they too are constantly confronted by pressures at school or from family and friends. They need to learn how to manage insecurities and the fears these generate. Diving into the 'adult' world can sometimes be scary, so it is important to strengthen a young person's self-esteem as soon as possible by providing balance and allowing them to develop in harmony with themselves and others.

«Coaching is the therapy for good health » 
B. Hevin& J. Turner

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